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Natural Medicine
Comes to Surprise, AZ

With backgrounds in clinical nutrition, public health, women’s health, environmental medicine, oriental medicine and homeopathy, our physicians work with patients to improve and resolve acute and chronic conditions and prevent diseases associated with lifestyle and aging. 

We also provide supportive services for chemotherapy, LEEP, and other treatments associated with cancer.  We are affiliated with the laboratories of Quest Diagnostics, Doctor’s Data, NeuroScience, Accu-Chem, Rhein, Spectracell and Meridan Valley, and facilitate testing for the identification of neurotransmitters, hormone balances, food allergies, thyroid function, chemical sensitivity, heavy metals, and others. 


•  W o m e n ’ s   H e a l t h
•  C h e m i c a l   S e n s i t i v i t y
•  A u t o - I m m u n e   D i s e a s e
•  A D D / A D H D /  A u t i s t i c  D i s o r d e r s
•  A n x i e t y ,  I n s o m n i a   a n d   D e p r e s s i o n
•  C h r o n i c   D i s e a s e s
•  O
n c o l o g y
•  A l l e r g i e s / S e n s i t i v i t i e s
•  F a t i g u e
•  A a s t h m a
•  E c z e m a



Dr. Hanna Ian, MS, NMD
The Naturopathic Physician, LLC
15436 West Statler Circle
Surprise, AZ 85374

(623) 792-8889 (o)
(623) 792-5097 (f)